Network Planning

Network Planning

Correct planning of a computer network is crucial not only to accomplish the goals for connectivity and efficiency but also will assure that no surprise problems occur after the network is completed.

Unity Technology Group has been building small to large scale networks for nearly 16 years and has the knowledge to build the most robust and cost effective computer network for your business. With implementing the right hardware and software from the beginning your network will fit the needs of your business.

Network infrastructure defines the backbone of a company's network. From the moment data is pushed from a PC to another network node (PC, server, printer, etc), it begins to travel along the components of the network infrastructure.

In summary, the network infrastructure relates to how the data travels from point A to point B, whether it is internal to the company, across a sophisticated hybrid of routers, or simply out to the internet.

Don't trust just anyone to plan and implement the backbone of your technology infrastructure as this is crucial to your business needs. unity Technology Group has the Network Engineers on staff to complete this project the correct way from start to finish.